Conference Day 1

Session 1: PACS

Moderator: Abdulqadir Al Zarooni, UAE

Single Incision Slings for SUI

Ayman Qatawneh, Jordan

Outcome of TURP in Patients with Bladder Dysfunction

Amr Noweir, Egypt

Transobturator Tapes for FSUI: Where do we stand in 2022?

Tufan Tarcan, Turkey

Panel Discussion: UDS for MS Patients

Francisco Cruz, Portugal/ Rizwan Hamid, UK

Sponsored Symposium by Scivita - Flexible Ureterosxopy: Current Concept & Future Horizon
Ahmed Abou Taleb, Egypt
New Generation of Single Use Flexible Ureteroscopes, Initial Experience - Oriol Calaf, Spain

Moderator: Dawood Kashmoulla, UAE

Session 2: Endo-Urology

Moderator: Dawood Kashmoulla, UAE

Indigenous PCNL Simulation: Researching Without Resources - Our Story  

Ashish Patil, India

Suction in PCNL: Is it The Way Forward!

TP Rajeev, India

TBD Residual fragments after PCNL: Best Solution

Ahmed Elnahas, Egypt

Mini PCNL: Semi Live Surgery

Sanjay Khadgi, India

Panel Discussion/ Q&A

Yasser Farahat, UAE

Opening Ceremony

Sponsored Symposium by Pierre Fabr
The role of Prostatic Inflammation in BPH and LUTS (Pathophysiology +Importance of Inflammation Control)-

Yasser Al-Saeedi, UAE

Session 3: PACS

Moderator: Abdulla Al Ansari, Qatar

ICS Lecture: Nocturia; Thinking Beyond the Bladder

Dudley Robinson, UK

IUGA Lecture: What is The Best Surgical Treatment for Apicasl Prolapse

Stefano Salvatore, Italy

EAU Lecture: Infravesical Obstruction & Male Neurogenic LUT Dysfunction

John Heesakkers, Netherlands

Panel Discussion: POP repair, What are the options?

Bruno Deval, France/ Alex Degisu, UK

Sponsored Symposium by Lilly/ Pharmatrade

Yasser Farahat, UAE

Session 4: Men’s Health/ Andrology

Moderator: Hany Mostafa, Egypt

Minimally Invasive Penile implant Technique: Infrapubic Approach

Gabriele Antonini, Italy

Update on the Management of Non-Obstructive Azoospermia

Hussein Kandil, UAE

Androgenic-Anabolic Steroid: Current Trend and Management

Manaf Al Hashimi, UAE

Platelet Rich Plasma as a Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction Where is the Evidence?

Shawket Al Khayal, UAE

Conference Day 2

Session 5: Uro-Oncology

Modertaor: Mohsen Elmekresh, UAE

Prostate Cancer Screening Trans Rectal vs Transperineal Prostate Biopsy

Ali Thwaini, UAE

Diagnostic Imaging in Prostate Cancer: Micro-ultrasound vs MRI

Waleed Hassen, UAE

Treating High Risk Prostate Cancer: Role of Multimodality Treatment

Mudhar Hassan, UAE and Rana Mahmoud , UAE

How Early Detection of Prostate Cancer Should Be Organized? A Europe-Wide Strategy

Arnauld Villers, France

Bladder Sparing Treatment of Bladder Cancer: An Update on EAU Guidelines

Ahmed Ali, UK

Panel Discussion/ Q&A

Mohsen Elmekresh, UAE

Session 6: PACS

Moderator: Riyad Al Mousa, Saudi Arabia

INUS Lecture: The Risk Neurogenic Bladder in 2022

Helmut Madersbacher, Austria

TCS Lecture: Epidemiological Study of Urinary Incontinence in Turkey

Cuneyd Ozkurkcugil, Turkey

ICS Lecture: Detrusor UnderActivity

KD Seivert, Germany

SCG: Interstim Micro; A New Era in The Neuromodulation

Riyad Al Mousa, KSA

Prevalence, Social Impact and Help-Seeking Behaviour Among Women with Urinary Incontinence in the Gulf Countries: A Systematic Review

Fayez Hammad, UAE

Panel Discussion: Management of failed Vaginal Taps

Tufan Tarcan, Turkey & Wally Mahfouz, Egypt

Semi-Live Surgery by EDAP

Wayne Brisbane, United States

Session 7: Advances in Urology and Innovations/ Uro-Technology

Moderators: Raed Azhar, Saudi Arabia/ Hassan Abolnein, Egypt/ Yasser Farahat, UAE/Rabii Madi, UAE/ Velentin Pavlov, Russia, Rafiq El Halaby, Egypt

Artificial Intillegence and Precision Medicine in Urology

Zaki Almallah, UAE

Minimally Invasive therapy for symptomatic BPH; Patient or Doctor’s choice?

Amr Emara, UK

Innovations in Surgical Education and Training

Ahmed Ghazi, USA

Robotic Adrenaletomy

Yasser Al Saeedi, UAE

Retzius -Sparing Robotic Radical Prostectomy, Early Outcomes in the Middle East.

Rabii Madi, UAE

Robot-assisted radical cystectomy: surgical technique, perioperative and oncologic outcomes after 200 cases

Valentin Pavlov, Russia

Case Discussion

Raed Azhar, Saudi Arabia / Hassan Abolnein, Egypt

Semi-Live Surgery: Pusen

Rishikesh Pandya

Session 8: PACS

Moderator: Ahmed Hammady, Egypt

Male SUI – AUS v male slings – What’s is the Latest Evidence

Rizwan Hamid, UK

Laparoscopy & Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery; State-of-Art

Bruno Deval, France

International Urogynecology Consultation (IUC): Evidence on Definition, Assessment & Management of POP

Alex Degisu, UK

What is New in the World of Botulinum Toxin?

Francisco Cruz, Portugal

Panel Discussion: Refractory OAB

Dudley Robinson, UK
John Heesakkers, The Netherlands

Conference Day 3

Session 9: PACS

Moderators: AbdelHamid Bahnasy, Egypt

Resolving the Dilemma of Voiding Dysfunction & Ureteric Reimplantation in Children

Salah Nagla, Egypt

EuroSOMT Lecture: The Role of Virtual & Augmented Reality in Functional Urology

Emre Huri, Turkey

Panel Discussion: Management of IC

KD Sievert, Germany

Sponsored Symposium: By EVA PHARMA

Mohamed El Khouly, UAE

Session 10: Pediatric and Reconstructive Surgery

Moderators: Hamdy Abutaleb, UAE/ Hisham Hammouda, Egypt

Laparoscopic Abdominal Testis in Pediatric Age Novel technique

Adel Aljenebi, UAE

Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty in infancy any limitation to Approach Small Children ?

Abdulnaser Alsaid, UAE

The Use of Optilume in the Treatment of Recurrent Short Urethral Strictures

Salaam Al Hassani, UAE

Best Time, Best Age and Best Treatment of Undescended Testes

Foroozan Khezri, UAE

Robotic Approaches to Complex Pediatric Urologic Reconstruction

Sameer Mittal, USA

Local Anesthetic Transperineal Prostate Biopsy Using a Freehand Biopsy Technique: A UK Regional Centre Outcome Analysis.

Andrew Mcadam, UK

Factors Affecting Patients’ Decision on Sacral Neuromodulation in Kuwait Leading to Establishment of a Multi-Step Approach for Counseling These Patients

Majd Alkabbani, Qatar

Assessment Of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms During Pregnancy: An Observational Cross-Sectional Study from Palestine.

Ahmad Jaradat, Palestine

The Efficacy of Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation in Overactive Bladder Among Diabetic Patients, One Center Experience

Wadha Alqahtani, Saudi Arabia

Feasibility And Functional Outcome of Robotic Assisted Kidney Transplantation Using Grafts with Multiple Vessels: Comparison to Propensity Matched Contemporary Open Kidney Transplants Cohort.

Feroz Amir Zafar, India

Comparison Between Water Vapor Therapy (Rezūm) And Prostate Artery Embolization (PAE) As Minimal Invasive Treatment Modalities of Begin Prostate Hyperplasia

Moaz Alharbi, Saudi Arabia

Persistent Storage Symptoms Following Y‐V Plasty Reconstruction for The Treatment of Refractory Bladder Neck Contracture

Samer Shamout, Canada

Effect Of Bulbospongiosus Muscles Cutting with Frenular Delta Excision for Treatment Premature Ejaculation (Alaa Aglan Operation) 1050 Cases

Alaa Aglan, Egypt

Penile Ischemia Post Prosthesis After COVID-19 Infection: A Catastrophic Mystery

Abdulrahmen Almulhim, Saudi Arabia

Acute Scrotal Pain and Covid-19 In A Busy Acute Hospital in The UK

Mohamed Ibrahim, UK

Closing and Award ceremony